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P34B Ltd have a Project Talent Opportunity in Digitised Reporting

This is your chance to prove and build your capability.

This is a real project, paid opportunity to develop your skills, help you become more employable, with the offer of flexible contracts and working hours to accommodate your studies, part-time commitments and/or personal activities.

We are developing our capabilities in data, analytics, reporting and digisation.  This will involve implementing new processes and systems, improving our data sources, drive our reporting measures and introduce visual dashboards via Power BI.

The projects we have outlined for this role will include; creating a dashboard of our projects, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting dashboard, a customer relationship management (CRM) system and source data streams to inform us of market trends.

You will collaborate closely with our team to provide digitised reports for review at director level.

You will inform and support our future strategy.  You will utilise the capabilities of Microsoft 365 infrastructure. You will bring your own ideas, passion for learning, and creativity to the role.

With us you will develop and deliver a real project, be challenged and coached, supported and informed, to enhance your employability credentials.