With Passion, Purpose & Principles we evolve....together, with Perseverance & Belief we excel.

P34B evolved from a passion to create a unique service and capability development model which genuinely benefits people, enables performance improvement in others and provides opportunities for those with passion to apply themselves on real projects.

We benefit People. Projects, Performance and Businesses concurrently.

Our skills have evolved through the direct management and delivery of projects across the property, estate & construction sector.  Our experience & approach benefits from direct experience of the full project lifecycle with specialists and learnings to share from healthcare, education, manufacturing, infrastructure and aviation sectors.  Our full lifecycle and cross sector insights present positive, proactive & proven alternatives to conventional methods.

We believe in delivering change which reduces burden, enables agility,
enhances  control, enables capability development, for leaders to emerge.
Our business model is integrated, multifaceted, cohesive and resilient.

Every time we engage we evolve our approach and your capabilities concurrently.
preparing for change

Preparing for change / Planning for improvement

People, Skills, Culture & Capability Development

People, Skills, Culture & Capability Development

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire

Project / Programme / Product delivery

Project / Programme / Product delivery

Partner & Solutions Network

Partner & Solutions Network

How we can help you

We address the gaps identified through hard earnt experience,
to be the opportunity we wished had existed when initiating projects,
leading change, developing capability, sharing our expertise
and starting our own personal career journeys.

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What Our Clients Say...

 “this is exciting”

 “your strength is your passion”

 “hitting all the right spots… people will get behind you”

 “an opportunity to save standby costs and increase resilience”

 “exactly what the market needs”

 ‘’your story is the perfect context for the offering”

 “excited about what it can do – limitless”

  “we’ve been trying to achieve this type of evolution for years”

 “exactly what we need”