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Our project control services are designed to create project, programme, and portfolio control arrangements tailored to your business and project type:
  • P34B Delivering: Prioritising for Enhanced Control and Efficiency
  • Balancing Priorities: Facilitating a Structured Framework
  • Way Forward Plans: Tangible Steps for Decision Making
  • Creating Clarity from Complexity: Identifying and Mitigating Risks
  • Governance Support: Driving Out Risk and Making Conscious Decisions
  • Project Control Services: Tailored Arrangements for Your Business


We understand the challenges of package procurement. The need to manage priorities, procurement, performance, and benefits across separate packages/parcels of work. Interface management is key.



Logistics projects are simple in concept, complex when involving technology or late change. We can help you get ahead of the change and ask the right questions of technology provide to reduce risk.



Delivering innovation is hard, there is no established deployment plan with inevitable impatience for the benefits. We will share with your how we’ve procured innovation and delivered benefit in phases.



Project control in aviation is a challenge. High complexity, diverse stakeholder networks, risk mitigation paramount. We will share how our behaviours and approach supports genuine risk reduction.



These are tricky projects, particularly as education vision, accommodation requirements, technology, sustainability and phasing strategies within sensitive operational estate present challenge. The potential for change is high. The completion date is absolute.



Delivering projects in operational estate is challenging. Stakeholder management is critical. We understand from hard earnt experience. We’ve established project controls to support projects and businesses in establishing the mechanisms they need to control & report.

What they say about us

“Entrepreneurial [in] approach, with the tenacity to challenge the norm […] the best piece of business improvement work that I have been involved with during my 29-year career”


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