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Salford Business School

Steve attends Level Up Your LinkedIn session with the Business School at University of Salford

University of Salford ran their first of a kind ‘Level Up Your LinkedIn’ session for their business students.

Around 50 people attended the session in person, hosted by Jennifer from University of Salford, with two guest speakers, Caroline from Vox Recruitment and Steve from P34B Ltd.

Both guest speakers provided their real life experiences with LinkedIn, how they use the platform and provided some top tips on making the best use out of the platform.

Steve’s five top tips provided on the day included:

  • Change your URL –  try to remove the numbers and letters from your URL when you first set-up your profile
  • Refrain from connecting to everyone – identify common interests
  • Try not to be ‘sales’ related – provide useful content but try not to sell.
  • It shouldn’t be a popularity contest – Think quality over quantity.
  • Time – Like all social media sites, they consume time. Don’t spend hours ‘searching’ the site.