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Sarah is passionate about empowering and supporting people.  Upon a foundation in accountancy and finance, followed by a period committed to developing her family, Sarah has returned to industry with a different perspective.  Sarah recognises the potential in supporting others, with projects being a vehicle to support people through.  Whilst providing a caring, supportive and wise perspective Sarah has invested in ILM Level 5 in Business Coaching & Mentoring to ensure all support provided in P34B is informed by and benchmarked to industry recognised practice.  

Sarah believes ‘everyone needs that chance to form perspective about what they are working on, why and how to move things forward.  I’m here for them, to help them, where they need it’.  

Everyone who engages with P34B are offered free support from Sarah, as they develop their projects and capability.

To find out more get in touch: with the subject: Understanding the support from Sarah.