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104 P34B - Lee Parkinson Photography-

Neil established P34B to be the answer he wished had existed when developing his career and projects within complex businesses.

Neil admits that he didn’t plan to evolve the business for a few more years yet, as international projects and life experiences were presented to him and his family. Neil has since invested in the development of a business model which empowers others and demonstrates new levels of opportunity and benefit to businesses.

From a passion and concept, this model is now proven, and is delivering tangible benefit in schools, colleges, universities, and industry.

Neil believes ‘business need projects and people need opportunities’.

By supporting both we de-risk the skills gap, increase efficiency and unlock new levels of opportunity for all.

People and Businesses are encouraged to engage with P34B to understand their options and opportunities.

To find out more get in touch: with the subject: Understanding opportunities with Neil.