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P34B Capability

P34B Capability

Professional and business capability improvement inclusive of project/programme capability, internal capability PMO services, succession, and future workforce planning.  

 Independently assess your inhouse project and programme capability to inform improvement planning. 

 Formulation of business and capability improvement plans, with your people, for your business. 

 Considering a PMO? – we identify your specific gaps and needs in advance of adding management layer. 

 Need to create project delivery capability in your business or promote people in to stretch  roles – we can support you both.  

 We will review and expand your CSR strategy to embed initiatives which support your people, your future business, your communities and our next generation.


“Neil successfully established, developed, and lead an extremely high performing team in a very challenging environment. Neil’s professionalism and expertise in project delivery transcended through his leadership and management. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Neil during our time together. a period of my career which profited my professional development greatly, largely through Neil’s excellent coaching and mentoring skills.”


UK Manufacturing Project Manager



Developing internal capability within a complex business, whilst delivering value to the business is a challenge we know well. A balanced perspective across people, process and performance improvement is essential.



Understanding how established retail property and construction businesses operate, appreciating the importance of stability, and then offering new ideas to support their evolution, without disrupting well establish culture and practice is a challenge and opportunity we’ve faced.



PMO’s are an important part of a business. Engaging with them, aligning with them, and contributing to the next phase in development and application is a challenge we’re well versed with. There’s always opportunity to improve, reduce effort and increase value.



Understanding established organisations, their needs, capabilities, capacity demands and priorities, to then support them with their evolution is a challenge we’re very familiar with. Change led from within, facilitated by relationships.


“Neil created bespoke project processes which enable the team to be successful and made our jobs easier.”


Design Lead Aviation

“A very insightful approach and brought the leadership team on the journey to explore current ways of working with a view to identify a next generation, more efficient way of working across our portfolio. We now have a clear pathway to further develop the Sainsbury’s way in project management and construction across our new stores and extensive redevelopments of existing stores.” 

Many thanks. 


Director of Property, Procurement and Cost Transformation in retail