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Neil Horner engaged with Roast & Toast session, facilitated by Mindsight, to support his own personal development.

In 2020 I engaged with Roast & Toast, facilitated by Mindsight – why – I was working from home, busy evolving the business, and wanted (and needed) to remain connected.  There was something different about Roast & Toast, something human, Lancashire based, not structured, with no commercial/fee agenda – something very human and humble.  The sessions, 9:30 on Wednesday became a staple for the week.  Each week people from businesses across Lancashire ‘coming as they are’ to share perspectives, support one another and have their thinking provoked by the fresh and enjoyable insights of Dave Scholes and Andi Lewis. What became really clear for me is that mental wellbeing is about creating the environment for a reflective, inspiration and supportive discussion, which doesn’t force outcomes or action plans, but does reassure each and all that our difference, our open thinking, and our ability to share with others in support of them is our strength.  No other ‘networking’ forum achieves this.  Accordingly, I proudly committed to being an ambassador of Mindsight, volunteering to support the development of their ambassadors’ programme, and duly factoring the genius and benefit of mindsight into business and initiatives, as a foundation stone for the future.  I would encourage all to stop thinking about mental well-being as an initiative and start thinking about it as foundation stone for personal, and professional resilience.

In 2020 I realised that the conversations we need the most, are the ones we don’t plan to have.