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P34B Preparing

P34B Preparing

Preparing strategies and execution plans that embrace innovation and maximise opportunities for people & businesses through project lifecycles.  

 Project execution plans to provide structure around, strategy, governance, controls, and management provisions.    

 Tailored and augmented to the characteristics of your priority, project environment and business. 

 Embedding cross sector experiences and practice to address the risks your project and businesses faces.  

 Informing your people and business about project lifecycle concepts which maintain control, provide choice, and reduce risk.  

 Sharing our knowledge and establishing repeatable methods to support your people and business in preparing future projects.  


“The outcomes of Neil’s impact on the programme were multiple; greatly increased levels of integration, heightened ability to react to and manage change, better understanding of programme risk and opportunity, improved programme strategy and consolidated data driven reporting tools”.


Manufacturing Project Manager



We understand how national procurement creates a framework for national rail and infrastructure projects, with a critical need to integrate new methods with existing practices. Systems integration and alignment key.



We appreciate the technical, logistical and stakeholder complexity these projects and programmes present, with experience in establishing control & reporting methods which create simplicity amongst complexity.



We recognise innovation needs to justify the benefit to be sustainable. The assessment, ranking and prioritisation of innovation relative to benefit is key. No point innovating if not beneficial.



We’ve experienced the flexibility, adaptability and scalability challenges presented by these projects. Increasing levels of automation and digitisation present complexity many would not anticipate initially.



We understand how Infrastructure projects and programmes are funded, the investment and management mechanisms required, with experience of how delivery services are procured in packages. This understanding shapes how we respond and control.



We have deep and diverse experience in pre-construction, planning, and delivery of projects across operational estate. We understand the unique engineering and concurrency challenges presented by manufacturing projects in operational environment



We appreciate the challenges faced in the retail sector, particularly around businesses case, evolving requirements, and stakeholder management. Our cross-sector experience benefits our approach.


“Nothing short of outstanding… to initially align the teams, construct a baseline, develop fit for purpose working arrangements, processes and tools expertly tailored for the Dyson environment”.


International Manufacturing Programme Lead.