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Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire

For Education providers who need partners or professionals and for people with passion, perseverance, and belief seeking opportunities
to engage with real projects.

Maximising our opportunities to engage, inspire and support
the next generation of future talent

The next generation need our support. And We need theirs. So, let’s do more together.

As leaders our job is to lead our businesses into the future.

 To achieve this, we all need a pipeline of high-quality talent.

 Young people present huge potential.  But we must present opportunities to them.

 This is not corporate social responsibility.  This is core business and our role as leaders.


We share this because we: -

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire   Actively support and engage with learners of all ages to understand current day employability perspectives, needs and ambitions.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire   Promote the agenda of employability in schools

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire   Share our experience, knowledge and partners with schools, colleges, and universities.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  Create employment opportunities in our own business.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire   Factor future workforce and talent into our client’s capability strategies.

If you work with us on a real project, and our client chooses to employ you for your values, passion, perseverance, and self-belief then that is success for us.

Purpose & Benefits

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  We proactively tackle the gap between education and industry

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  We raise the agenda of employability and employable credentials for all.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  We create opportunity for passionate talent to engage with real business on real projects.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  Students and future talent are supported.

Promoting & Sharing to Educate & Inspire  Employers find and have the option to take on talent which resonates with their business / vision.


Schools –

‘Thank you for supporting us. Year 11 Student at BRCoE School.

“Thank you for taking the time to shows us about the world of work” Year 10 Student at BRCoE School.

Parents of students “:

Just to say it was refreshing to hear a balanced view between the importance of education and the need to have wider life skills” (Parent of student at careers event’.

Really good to hear such an in-depth discussion and that it inspired them to sit down and that it inspired them to sit down and discuss the pathways they had followed and to help their young person shape their route accordingly.

Colleges –It’s fantastic to see directors taking time out of their schedules to help shape and promote innovative curriculum for the next generation of construction workers.  I’m hoping conversations such as today will be the catalyst for more collaboration and masterclasses across all of our curriculum, as this truly is the most effective way to bring our industry to the classroom.” (Zac) Preston College.

Universities – I can’t thank you enough for all of the support that you have provided to our students. Your support has been second to none. We really appreciate all you have contributed to the students learning and enrichment” (Andrea) Edge Hill University.


University Students on work placement with P34B in 2021.

  • “I have never completed a virtual interview before. Very professional and was akin to industry standards, so gave me great experience. Excellent experience for future interviews that I will have”
  • “Level of support was second to none. Very different from the college placement which I did, felt like part of the project and worked on a whole live project. Neil always made time to support and ensured that I was on the right track”.
  • “I got much more out of it than I ever expected. It was essentially a marketing role, but it was much more. Gave me options to follow different career paths and opened my eyes about my skills and how I could use them in graduate jobs”.
  • “Communication skills made my career pathway clear – lots of opportunity to build on the skills that I have with currently working with my dad at his company; and completing the marketing for my dad’s business. Neil gave me support and experience in spades”.
  • “No nothing at all was missing from the placement. Liked working on a virtual platform”.
  • “The placement made me realise what I would like to in the future. Marketing project allowed me to shape the ideas for jobs that I will apply for in the future”
  • “Not what I expected at all but was much better – in a good way. We were given the responsibility of completing the work on our own, but with full support throughout the project. Involved in all aspects of the project, much better than I expected it to be. Enjoyed the level of involvement with the schools and the stakeholders”.
  • “Excellent support. Encouraged to develop ideas on our own initiative, but Neil was there if we needed him. Neil was very professional, supportive and we all knew that he was there if we needed him”.
  • “Always communicated with me online, by email and in person. It felt like it was a real job because of how I was treated. We had regular check points for development and progress. This was really good”.
  • “I wanted an experience that would help me in the future, and I feel like this has. I know that I want to get a job in Brand Management. I generally panic when I am doing something new and that I haven’t done before. I feel that I have more confidence now as I have dealt with stakeholders and professionals and am able to communicate ideas effectively now. I have learned that it is always important to have a Plan B in case Plan A is not developed.
  • “Problem-solving skills and communicating in a business forum. Allowed me to interact with stakeholders and developed my skills in working on a virtual platform. My problem-solving skills were not very good at the start of the placement, but they have increased greatly by the end of the placement”.
  • “Problem solving abilities improved and how to behave in the workplace professionally. Also, how you can control a situation positively to achieve the result that you want”.
  • “Very supportive and wants to help you develop. Very genuine, warm, and helpful. He is very in control of the situations. I learned as much from watching him as I did working on the project”

Lancashire Careers Hub Lead

Customers of a collaborative project between P34B and Placement Students

It’s been a pleasure working with you all on this – a powerful, collaborative team effort!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone, What an absolute pleasure to be part of the student journey and a collaborative project  My best wishes for future careers – and degree classifications! I’m sweating on the results of two my own undergraduates Andy Iredale

 The process alone has been a valuable and powerful learning experience for everyone involved and the output will be a great addition to the bank of guidance and resources available to young people.

Best wishes for the future and don’t hesitate to connect professionally and ask for recommendations!

Good luck.


Jon Arundel

Director of Sales & Marketing