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preparing for change

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preparing for change  Accountable for change and need a plan.

preparing for change  Needing to enact a ‘step change’ in approach.

preparing for change  Requiring capability and capacity to deliver the change.  

preparing for change  Who need to establish integrated ways of working


preparing for change  1st understand the business.

preparing for change  Distil – Objectives, Priorities & Milestones Maps.

preparing for change  Establish – Strategic Workstream Response Plan.

preparing for change  Frame – Performance Management Measures (KPI’s).

preparing for change  Consider – P34B risk reduction + legacy concepts.

preparing for change  Validate – the plan and ensure team alignment.

preparing for change  Monitor – performance.


preparing for change  Space to think, capacity to resolve.

preparing for change  Reflective review of current operating model & opportunities.

preparing for change  Facilitated business, project & stakeholder owned strategy.

preparing for change  Baseline, methodology & success criteria established

preparing for change  Benefits focused & outcome measured.

preparing for change Performance measured.

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