Our Vision

P34B Ltd was founded by Neil & Sarah Horner with a vision to create something from nothing, which creates space and opportunity for everyone involved to benefit and fulfil their own potential.

Neil’s career journey started at 16 as building services technical apprentice.  This vocational route into industry created space and opportunity for Neil to progress and purposefully prove himself through application.  Since being an apprentice Neil has progressed through contractor, management, senior management, director, partner and client roles with passion, purpose, perseverance & belief. Operating across education, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, and construction sectors through all stages of the project lifecycle with all levels of the supply chain Neil developed the ability to identify the missed opportunities and gaps in project scope/baseline and business initiative strategies.  Neil’s experiences in business and appreciation for the journey of learners has shaped the business model to be something which he wished had existed when he was starting and progressing his management career.

Sarah’s vision, passion and career journey through accountancy, financial management & mortgage advice has evolved into a natural passion for family, creativity, wellbeing, and care. Sarah’s passion lies in creating, shaping, exploring new ideas and opportunities to create joy, connection and establish long term relationships.  Sarah believes ‘it’s the little things’ which make a big difference

The balance of Neil’s professional experience and Sarah’s self-fueled creative passions, creates a sense of balance in the model, concept and proposition.

Structure Chart

Continue to Grow and Develop

P34B continues to develop and grow through engaging those with passion in the journey.  In 2021 P34B Ltd Partnered with Edge Hill University to provide placement opportunities for 5 students who demonstrated passion and professionalism through interview and engagement.

With sponsorship and support each placement student leads in their area of expertise: –

 Corey Boswell – Brand Content Creation

 Morgan Ratchford – Brand & Market Appeal

 Callum Wood – Brand & Market Messaging

 Adam Ball – Customer Relationship Management

 Connor Downey – Resource & Capacity Planning

Throughout 2020 / 2021 P34B have established new partnership with local colleges, universitas and schools to establish support models for them and their students.

Upon the foundations Neil & Sarah have established, with those with whom we engage, we will evolve the business into a vehicle which creates space and opportunity for everyone involved to benefit and fulfill their own potential.