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Preparing for change / Planning for improvement

  • For clients, businesses, leaders . . .
  • With a need to enact a ‘step change’ in approach– to improve efficiency & control whilst reduce cost.
  • Accountable for a change / improvement initiative needing a plan/strategy/method to enact.
  • Needing to deliver, without the internal capability, experience, expertise to deliver. 
  • Who must get on top of complex initiatives; necessitating partnering with a need for a single, integrated way of working.


  • Objectives, Priorities & Milestones Maps.
  • Strategic Workstream Response Plan.
  • Performance Measures (KPI’s).
  • Review P34B investment reduction, risk reduction and skills legacy concepts.
  • Plan validation & team alignment.
  • Performance monitoring.


  • Independent 360 review of current operating model, strengths & opportunities.
  • Facilitated business & stakeholder owned strategy and deployment.
  • Benefits proven, with cultural change deployed through application.
  • Baseline, methodology & success criteria established – driving focus, accuracy & efficiency.
  • Performance management baseline established.

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