Creating and developing the business during the pandemic – the right or wrong time


Building a business in good times, with strong markets and wanting customers surely makes sense and likely to lead to strong growth, revenue, and development – right?  Yes. Absolutely.  So, when you see these opportunities, go for it, it’s smart to be the answer when the market needs an answer.  For me, I started during a pandemic, during a time where the pull was low.  This challenged me to not only think about the needs of today, but the solutions needed for tomorrow.  Building a business in challenging times, challenges you to invest in substance, diversity, think ahead, establish efficiency, and not get ahead of yourself. Accordingly, I feel equipped, stronger, and confident of my ability to thrive in good times, with high demand, and other times, with variable demand.

For me building a business during challenging times has enabled me to establish a solid foundation.