Being an Enterprise Advisor and Business Director – mutually beneficial roles.


In September 2020, a year in which the road race of life and business changed pace, and direction, I stumbled on an opportunity with Inspira which seemed so obvious, so natural, and so right.   I became and Enterprise Advisor.  In registering my interest, I immediately felt I was pushing on an open door. The needs for more ‘Enterprise Advisors’ was evident, schools needed more insights, more support, more perceptive from industry to inform their careers strategies.  The opportunity to offer back my experience (since school), perspective (from industry) and insights (into what really matters to businesses in terms of employability) just resonated.  The application/approval process was well structured, the induction was solid, the success stories were inspiring.  I was paired with Liz, my coordinator, and the deputy career hub lead, briefed, and introduced to Anthony, of Bishop Rawstorne Church of England Academy.  The experience since has been incredibly insightful and rewarding.  I’ve understood the careers benchmarks in schools, appreciated the challenges schools face, gained insight into how schools manage and respond education, careers and operational priorities, identified opportunities, developed, and hosted events, received feedback, and in short built a nice, mutually beneficial relationship with the school. As restrictions lift, I can only see this relationship and value we unlock between us evolving further.  Has the school benefited – I believe so from the feedback received.  Have I benefited – absolutely – I have a much better understanding, or the education sector challenges and opportunities to support.  I have needed to engage, make an impact, earn respect and trust, and be measured on sustained contribution.  All skills which equip me well for ongoing and future non-executive roles and duties. This is mutually beneficial and very rewarding. 

 I would encourage anyone with a passion for sharing their experience and supporting the next generation to engage, but only if you care and accept it takes effort to make a difference.