All eggs in one basket – dangerous territory, especially when others rely on you.


2020 exposed several vulnerabilities. One of my biggest learnings was how vulnerable we are when we have all our eggs in one basket.   Having been involved in several cancelled initiatives, I was personally resilient to change and adaptation.  Our life plan focused our effort on international opportunities.  I put my effort into the aviation sector (a sector with ambition, global opportunities, and almost certain security).  In April 2020 this whole pipeline of opportunity disappeared, leaving me, my family, our ambitions, and opportunities exposed.  Was this my fault – no.  Could I have done more – no.  Would it end up in this situation again – not now.  Accordingly, I diversified, created more baskets, and diversified my actions, involvement, and opportunities.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how strong or resilient the basket seems to be.